After School Program


Goals for after school program

As per our mission: “NJASCS fosters an atmosphere that promotes enthusiasm on the part of the NJASCS teachers and students alike through the challenging academic program, interesting co-curricular activities, and positive rewards for success resulting in students who seek further challenges and have the desire to continue on the educational path.”

Students in our K-3, 4-8 AND 9-12 schools have “electives”, such as foreign language, music, art, computer, health, character education, and physical education, expanding the learning horizon and giving our students a further outlet for expression through various humanities, technologies, and the arts.

NJASCS’s after school clubs, while providing a top-quality education, are also look to grow upon this foundation, providing more opportunities for our students to explore new and exciting views of varied subjects.

NJASCS’s hosted after school clubs, regardless of subject matter, have the priority to promote further awareness and knowledge of the subject matter, and to provide rigorous, challenging education in developing skills required for the course.

Sample Clubs

ELA- Poetry, Newspaper, Drama, Yearbook, Creative Writing

MATH- Puzzles, Number Games, Statistics, Business

  • SCI: Garden, Astrology, Geology, Evolution Theory, Oceanography
  • SocStu: Politics, Court Studies, Student Government, Current Events
  • PE: Foreign Sports, Fitness, Track
  • MUS: Chorus, Percussion, Theatre, Dance, Guitar
  • ART: Set Design, Stage Crew, Pottery, Clay Workshop
  • COMP: Photography, Web Design, Typing, Movie Making

Other ideas – Board Games, Karaoke, Pop Dancing, Fashion, Robotics, Cooking, Graduation Committee,


Payment policy

NJASCS accepts checks, cash or money order. Please make checks payable to YOUR SCHOOL NAME. All payments must be made to school office at the first week of every month for that month. For shorter months payments will be adjusted 25%.

Sibling Rates are NOT applied for the first sibling–only for additional siblings.

Fee Schedule

# Days
Normal Fee (per month/per person) Sibling Rate
5 days a week $75 $50
4 days a week $60 $40
3 days a week $50 $30
2 days a week $40 $20
1   day a week $20 $10


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